Since the 1970s I’ve been involved in the process of designing and building spaces that speak to the needs of people in their homes. I registered with the Oregon Builder’s Board in 1978, specializing in ceramic tile setting. In 1989, I obtained a degree from PCC in architectural drafting, and in 1990 became a licensed general contractor. In the 1990’s I focused on drawing plans for builders and homeowners, while continuing my remodeling work. Tile setting, cabinet installation and finish carpentry are my favorite “prettying-up” tasks for the renovated or new home.

I particularly enjoy working with people to help them balance their aesthetics within their budget constraints. I welcome client participation in all aspects of the work, including participating in the work itself, as a way to reduce costs and engage in the project.

I work directly with homeowners, design professionals, and builders- as a designer, consultant, general contractor, tile setter and carpenter. Lilybuilds offers help with many stages of your project. Whether you are the architect, general contractor or homeowner.

On a more personal note, I am a musician with the Cedro Willie Band. If you enjoy “harmonious roots music,” check out our website at www.cedrowillie.com.

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